How Long Does It Take to Install Kitchen Cabinets? Insights From a Pro

If you are here, perhaps you’ve decided to revamp your kitchen cabinets to improve your cooking space, maximize storage, and give a fresh look to one of the most frequented areas in your home. However, the idea of having technicians in your house for many days for the installation may sound a bit daunting. 

Installing new kitchen cabinets involves a variety of tasks that need to be carried out in an orderly and detailed manner to ensure the job is done well. But fear not! This journey is shorter than you might think. When you compare it to the full-blown renovation of an entire kitchen, the time investment is quite reasonable. 

To help you make this process smooth, we’ll delve into the world of kitchen cabinet installation to discuss how long it takes to install kitchen cabinets, taking tips and recommendations from a professional 

How Long Does It Take Professionals to Install Kitchen Cabinets? 

On average, it takes 1 to 3 days for a professional team to install kitchen cabinets– depending on the size and magnitude of the kitchen cabinet project. For particularly large kitchens, it might take an extra day or two. If two or more people work on the task together, it can speed things up. But remember, it’s essential to focus on doing it well rather than rushing the process. What typically takes the longest for new kitchen cabinets is the planning and design phase.  

If you are talking about the full lead time process from order to install, you are talking 4-6 weeks. During that time, items are manufactured and built, quality controlled multiple times, packaged, shipped, quality control checked again, and then loaded for installation.  

Casey Ridley, Founder and President at The Designery. 

Professional installing kitchen cabinets

Having a qualified team to carry out this work will be very helpful in moving the project forward and will allow you to focus on choosing the design, leaving the technical aspects in their hands.  

How Should You Prepare for the Installation of Kitchen Cabinets? 

If you’re about to embark on the kitchen cabinet installation process and have hired professionals, you likely wonder how you can assist them or what preliminary information you should have to make the process as smooth as possible.  

Insights from a pro:  

“Starting the kitchen cabinet installation process is straightforward and shouldn’t demand a big effort from the client if they receive proper guidance to make decisions based on their tastes, requirements, and preferences. In the case of The Designery, we guide them through everything they need, including style, design preferences, measurements, and more. We usually recommend checking our social media for inspiration, as it’s always handy. Additionally, if clients wish to expedite the process, they can gather measurements and bring them along, though it’s not mandatory as we provide that service.” 

Casey Ridley, Founder and President at The Designery. 

Factors Influencing Kitchen Cabinet Installation 

Every kitchen renovation is different. Especially with custom designs, where many variables influence the process. To give you a more accurate answer regarding the duration of the installation of kitchen cabinets, let’s look at the main factors that typically affect the complexity of the project 

  1. Size of the kitchen

The size of your kitchen will affect how long it takes to install the cabinetry. Simple math: bigger kitchen, more time needed. The usual installation time for cabinets is around 2 to 3 days. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you might get it done in just 1–2 days. On the flip side, you will need an extra day or two for a bigger kitchen totalling five days. 

When you’re figuring out the timeline for your cabinet upgrade, keep in mind that the size of your kitchen plays a big role in how long the whole thing will take. 

Kitchen cabinets for big kitchen

  1. The number of updated elements

How many elements are being updated during the installation can significantly impact the total timeframe. The more elements you’re looking to change or update, the more time it will likely take. It might be a relatively quick process if you’re just swapping out the cabinets. However, if you’re also replacing countertops, changing the layout, or adding other modifications, each additional task will contribute to the overall duration. 

Kitchen cabinet installation with many items

  1. Complexity of the trim work

The complexity of the trim work significantly contributes to the timeframe for installing kitchen cabinets. When intricate decorative elements such as baseboards and crown build-ups are involved, meticulous attention to detail becomes essential. The installation process may be prolonged as craftsmen carefully measure, cut, and fit each piece to ensure a seamless and visually appealing integration with the cabinets. The intricacy of the trim demands precision, potentially extending the overall duration of the installation as compared to simpler, more straightforward designs. 

  1. Special requests

Special requests, such as unique hardware finishes, intricate molding details, personalized storage solutions, or custom-made doors can significantly impact the timeline for installing kitchen cabinets. When you throw in these distinctive elements, it’s like adding extra layers to the installation process.  

Special requests often involve additional steps, like coordination with artisans or suppliers, that may extend the overall duration of the project. While these unique touches can enhance the final result, it’s essential to be mindful that they might also require more time and careful planning during the installation phase.  

Custom designed kitchen cabinets

  1. Design changes

Last-minute design changes can also impact the installation process of kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s a change in cabinet style, layout, or materials, these modifications can introduce unexpected challenges and disruptions.  

Not only does it potentially require adjustments to the initial plan, but it may also lead to delays in sourcing new materials or revising the installation approach. The ripple effect of last-minute design changes can affect both the timeline and the overall efficiency of the installation. Keep in mind that careful planning and clear communication about design preferences beforehand can help a more seamless cabinet installation process. 

  1. Customer’s readiness

The readiness of the space involves the preparation of the entire kitchen area. This includes ensuring that the space is thoroughly cleaned and adequately demoed, providing a clean canvas for the installation team. Moreover, having the area prepped and ready with appliances removed facilitates a smoother installation process.  

Can You Install Kitchen Cabinets in One Day? 

While the idea of installing kitchen cabinets in a single day is tempting, it’s usually unlikely. The timeline for installation depends significantly on the size and complexity of the project as we have seen.  

Also, consider that every installer operates at a different pace—some work independently, while others work in pairs. The level of experience also plays a crucial role; seasoned installers with years of expertise can often deliver quality work at a faster pace. 

Design & Installation Schedule 

As mentioned prior, the full lead time process from order to installation may take four to six weeks. This includes having items manufactured and built, quality controlled multiple times, packaged, shipped, quality control checked again and then loaded for installation.  

Kitchen cabinets instsallation Installing appliances on kitchen cabinets

Below is a breakdown of  the different stages of designing and installing cabinets, giving you a straightforward overview: 

  1. Planning and design: This phase is crucial and precedes the estimated 2-3 days installation timeline. Here, you work closely with professionals to create a comprehensive plan for your kitchen cabinets. It involves picking out cabinets and countertops, discussing your needs, exploring available features, and ensuring your space is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 
  2. Selecting materials and products: Once the design is finalized, the focus shifts to selecting the materials and products that will bring your vision to life. This step involves choosing cabinet materials, hardware, countertops, and any other accessories essential for your kitchen upgrade. 
  3. Gathering measurements: Accurate measurements are the foundation of a successful installation. Professionals will carefully measure your kitchen space to ensure that the cabinets and other elements fit seamlessly. 
  4. Ordering kitchen cabinets: With the measurements in hand, the next step is to order the kitchen cabinets. This process involves coordinating with suppliers or manufacturers to ensure the timely delivery of the specified materials. 
  5. Removing previous cabinets: Before the new cabinets can be installed, especially if you have existing ones, the old ones need to be carefully dismantled and disposed of. This step includes making way for the fresh installation by clearing out the existing elements. We will revisit this point in more detail later on. 
  6. Delivering cabinets: This step involves coordinating with suppliers or manufacturers to ensure the timely arrival of the specified materials. Efficient delivery is essential for a successful installation process. With the new cabinets ready for their place, the stage is set for the skilled professionals to bring your design to life during the installation process. 
  7. Installing cabinets: The heart of the project, this phase involves the actual installation of the new cabinets based on the carefully crafted plan. Skilled professionals bring your design to life, ensuring everything fits seamlessly and functions as intended. 
  8. Installing appliances: If new appliances are part of the upgrade, this step involves integrating them into the newly installed cabinets. It ensures that everything is properly connected and aligned for a fully functional kitchen. 
  9. Cleaning & tidying up: Once the installation is complete, the focus shifts to cleaning and tidying up the workspace. This final touch ensures that your new kitchen is not only beautiful but also ready for immediate use. 

How Long Does it Take to Remove Kitchen Cabinets? 

On average, it takes one day or less for an experienced crew to remove kitchen cabinets. Most homeowners may take more than a week if they are doing it themselves. However, the full scope of the work can affect this timeline. If there are additional elements like removing the floor or preserving specialty pieces, the removal period may be extended.  

Kitchen cabinets removal Removing kitchen cabinets

For a basic removal process in an average-sized kitchen, consider a minimum of two days, especially when you have a team of two people handling the task. Keep in mind that larger spaces may require more time for a thorough removal.  

The type of installation also plays a role; cabinets that are glued and nailed can be more challenging to remove compared to those neatly screwed together. So, when estimating how long it takes to remove kitchen cabinets, take into account the specific features of your space and the installation type for a more accurate timeline. 

Are kitchen cabinets hard to remove? 

Removing kitchen cabinets isn’t too challenging. In fact, it’s a beginner-friendly DIY project. You won’t need any fancy tools or special equipment—just a basic toolkit will do. It’s not very time-consuming and won’t demand extensive construction know-how. If you’ve got a free weekend and can lift around 20-30 pounds, you should be able to handle the task easily.   

However, while it’s doable for beginners, keep in mind that difficulties may arise, especially if the cabinets are glued or nailed in place. In such cases, it’s advisable to have professionals assess the task to ensure a smooth and trouble-free removal process. They can handle the more intricate aspects, like dealing with specialty pieces, preserving the flooring, or addressing unexpected issues that might crop up during the removal. So, while it’s a feasible DIY project, involving professionals can provide expertise and efficiency, ensuring the job is done with precision and care. 

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen? 

Transforming your kitchen with new cabinets is an exciting endeavor. From the initial planning and design stages to the meticulous installation process, each step contributes to the realization of your dream kitchen. While the installation timeframe depends on various factors, a general estimate is around two to three days for professionals.  

If you are considering this kitchen transformation, The Designery offers top-notch services for cabinet design and installation. Our skilled professionals bring expertise and precision to every project, ensuring a seamless and quality installation that aligns with your vision.

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