Top Cabinet Design Trends For 2023

At The Designery, we get to spend every day meeting with homeowners to find the perfect cabinets to fit their lives and design styles.

We create coveted custom closets, cabinets that turn your bathroom into your favorite spa, and drool-worthy kitchen designs.   

As your design guides, we always stay up to date on all the newest styles and trends. The hottest colors and cabinet trends are big news every year, and 2023 is no exception.

Sherwin Williams announced their color of the year – Redend Point. While we wouldn’t recommend rushing out to cover your cabinets in this earthy hue, we agree that warm tones will be popular this year.  



Warm Tones

You don’t have to go to extremes to stay in line with color trends for your cabinets. Kitchens full of light are a timeless choice that never goes out of style.

Consider adding a touch of warmth to stark white cabinets with a creamy beige, vanilla, or off-white to make your interior cozier and more welcoming.

Pops of Color

The bold kitchen colors that dominated homes over the last couple of years are here to stay. This year they’re more of an accent than a full kitchen statement.

Expect to see more traditional designs with a piece of bold cabinetry that adds energy, depth, and character to an otherwise contemporary kitchen. Jewel tones remain at the top of the list for homeowners this year.

Matte Black

Black cabinetry often takes a backseat to the fresh, clean look of white or cream. This year, matte surfaces give dark cabinetry new life.

Sleek flat black cabinets create the perfect backdrop to express your unique design style. At The Designery, our clients like to pair this look with European-style cabinets.

“Matte black cabinetry is one of my personal favorites,” says The Designery Founder and President, Casey Ridley. “The contrast of light and dark cabinets is a timeless, classic combination.”



Darker Stains

If you love the dark, moody look, this year’s return to darker stains will be just right for your remodel. While light and bright kitchens are always popular, there’s something to be said for the cozy comfort of a darker space.

Natural Wood Tones

This year continues a push towards bringing nature inside. Natural cabinetry finishes allow the raw texture and unique wood grains to show.

A light stain with warm honey or amber tones will keep your cabinets in line with the earthy colors we’ll see throughout 2023.


Our homeowners love to create a customized look that is 100% unique to their own personal style. For us, these are some of the most exciting projects to be a part of. This can be a perfect opportunity to add that deep sapphire you’ve been dreaming of without oversaturating your kitchen with color.

Think about creating interest in your kitchen or bath by combining your favorite wood tones with complementary or contrasting colors. You can even combine multiple paints and stains in the same room.



Just like our two-toned finishes, we’ve also seen many clients choose to mix different materials in their homes. Using contrasting materials in one space gives a room dynamic energy and movement.

Try adding natural stone to a modern kitchen or contemporary hardware to your traditional cabinetry. Personalized touches like these make your home feel more unique to you.




Trends in housing and real estate often shape design styles. As people shifted from larger homes to compact spaces, cabinetry needs changed too.

From dedicated hidden spice drawers to entire rooms doing double duty, clever cabinet designs make the best out of whatever space you have available.


Whether it’s a cozy breakfast nook with built-in seating or a kitchen island that brings your family together for meal prep, intuitive designs let you enjoy your spaces together.

Today’s cabinet designs combine function with family time to make every space in your home work better for the way you live.

The Showpiece

Today’s cabinets go far beyond pure function; homeowners use them to create spaces to entertain or even make them showstoppers in themselves.

Butler’s pantries are experiencing a resurgence as people discover a renewed passion for hosting. We love to help homeowners find that unique piece of cabinetry that will elicit oohs and ahs from their party guests.



There you have it. These are the most exciting trends in store for 2023.

Explore one or all of them when picking out your new cabinets. Your home is your place to express yourself. Be bold, be traditional, just be yourself.

Stop by The Designery today and let our team help design your favorite place to be.

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