Casey Ridley of The Designery on Avoiding Costly Design Mistakes

Casey Ridley from The Designery offers valuable advice on how to prevent the typical, and potentially expensive, errors that designers may encounter when they lack a complete understanding of the installation requirements for the products they select.

Designers can often make the following common mistakes if they lack a complete understanding of product installation:

  1. Neglecting Face Frames: Designers sometimes fail to consider face frames when specifying cabinets. This oversight can lead to problems with door operation and the need for additional trim pieces. It’s crucial to understand how the cabinets and their components function in the actual installation.
  2. Ignoring Ceiling Height: Vertical space is valuable in a home, and designers must consider the ceiling height when planning a kitchen or bath project. By accounting for the ceiling height, designers can determine whether to stack cabinets, incorporate glass cabinets, or use crown molding. Failing to consider ceiling height can result in installation issues and unsatisfied clients.
  3. Overlooking Installation Requirements: Designers may not adequately assess the installation requirements of the products they specify. This mistake can lead to delays, increased costs, and unhappy clients. Understanding the installation process and ensuring it aligns with the design vision is essential for a successful project.

By avoiding these mistakes and having a comprehensive understanding of product installation, designers can deliver high-quality projects that meet client expectations.

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